June 22, 2010

GROUP EXHIBITION: Collected- Working Space 10

Collected: Working Space 10

June 25 - August 7, 2010

Opening Reception, Friday, June 25, 5-7pm (Please note Market Doors Close Strictly at 7pm)

Artists: Martin Basher, Kate Burnet and Dan Woerner, Vidal Centeno, Blane De St. Croix, Natsu, Olek, Tamara Kostianovsky, Chris Yormick

Curated by Erin Riley-Lopez

Collected: Working Space 10 is AAI’s annual exhibition featuring works selected by guest curator Erin Riley-Lopez from artists participating on the Lower East Side-Rotating Studio Program, in Fall 09 and Spring 10. AAI sponsors the Lower East Side Rotating Studio artist residency Program with artists chosen by a panel of outside artists, curators, and arts professionals in order to reaffirm our commitment to this vibrant and historically significant multicultural neighborhood. The artists selected are presented here in Working Space 10.

Creating a web-like maze of red beads and brass wire, Natsu will present an installation that will occupy one corner of the gallery. She plays with ideas of science and the universe in imaginary ways with the beads representing atoms and the overall structure representing an entire world.


The Artists Alliance Gallery/ Project Space

120 Essex Street, Essex Street Market, New York, NY 10002

South End of the Market, nearest Delancey Street

P: 212-420-9202 E: aai@aai-nyc.org

Attached image: Natsu, Cosmic Filaments, 2010, Beads and brass wire, Dimensions variable