October 16, 2008

PORTFOLIO: The Lost State

NATSU, The Lost State, 2008
Plastic beads, brass wire, sequins, bamboo, 98x335x138 inches
Installation View, The 12th Annual Dumbo Art Under the Bridge Festival
Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park, New York

Natsu’s large-scale luminous bead sculpture, The Lost State, recalls the primordial pure mind, under the sky, just as the ancients experienced the sense of oneness with the universe in their festivals.

Natsuの大型の発光するビーズスカルプチャー“The Lost State”は、古代の人々が祭で宇宙と一体になる感覚を体験していたように、空の下で、原始のピュアな気持ちを呼び戻す。

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