March 28, 2007


NATSU: Cosmic Chant
April 7 – April 28, 2007
Press Release
Onishi Gallery

Mushiki Whale, the Formless Whale, floating and drifting between the sea and the sky, is called Cosmic Egg. It consists of all Emptiness without any emotion or desire, but sings a Cosmic Chant. With its Breath it created the universe by blowing out numberless crystals. -NATSU

Onishi Gallery is pleased to present a new series of work by NATSU. This exhibition is NATSU's second show with the Gallery, in which she continues to explore her fascination with transparency, craftsmanship and the spiritual relationship between human and universe. The artist creates an oversized oval sculpture that resembles a whale, which is made of thousands of transparent plastic beads. The suspended Mushiki Whale – Cosmic Egg is installed to hang halfway between the ceiling and the floor in the gallery, to articulate NATSU's humanistic chanting that flows and links the space in between heaven and earth.

Mushiki Whale – Cosmic Egg delivers the idea of the beginning of the universe. NATSU believes that before every human being arrives in the world, he/she experiences the Cosmic Chant while in the womb. As time goes by, the rhythm of the Cosmic Chant still remains, but somehow it merely becomes more difficult for the grownups to be aware of it. Other noises such as emotions or desires obstruct and distract us from sensing the call from the origin of the universe, a voice from within. In search of this lost state, NATSU attempts to remind people of the beginning of the universe and to resume one's pure mind to sense the Cosmic Chant through her work.

Referencing the traditional Japanese philosophical notion 'triple world', NATSU constructs her work on the basis that our world is divided into three realms—the world of desire (yoku-kai), the world of form (shiki-kai), and the world of the formless (mushiki-kai). Through the meticulous process of intertwining numerous strings of beads into a Mushiki Whale, NATSU instills her spiritual pursuit into the repetitive craft-making action and hence transcends the whale to a formless, transparent Cosmic Egg freely floating between heaven and earth, the physical and the ethereal, and the natural and the artificial.

The new exhibition at Onishi Gallery will be on view from 7 April through 28 April 2007. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 11:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m.

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NATSU: Cosmic Chant-宇宙歌
April7 - April 28, 2007
Onishi ギャラリー

海と空の間に浮かび漂っている無色クジラ(Mushiki Whale)は宇宙卵と呼ばれている。感情も欲望もない無の塊だが、Cosmic Chant-宇宙歌を奏でている。息と共に無数の結晶を吹き出し宇宙を創りだした。-NATSU


“無色クジラ(Mushiki Whale)-宇宙卵”は、宇宙の始まりの観念を表す。NATSUは、全ての人間はこの世界に現れる前、彼/彼女は子宮の中でCosmic Chant-宇宙歌を体験すると信じている。時が経つに従い、Cosmic Chant-宇宙歌のリズムはまだ残っているが、どういうわけか成人になるとそれに気づく事さえより難しくなってくる。感情や欲望という他の騒音が妨害し、宇宙の起源からの呼び声、内部からの声を感じることから私たちの気を散らすのである。この失われた状態を探し求めて、NATSUは作品を通して人々に宇宙の始まりを思い出させ、Cosmic Chant-宇宙歌を感じる為の純粋な心を取り戻す事を試みる。




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